And, one to call my own

So, I finally got around to doing it–setting up my own blog. It’s been a project long in the making, and like a lot of my other wishes, this one’s finally coming around too.

Yes, my stars seem to be changing and how. As I look at the events of the last two months, even though for the most part of that time, all I did was stare at the sky or the ceiling or the rain, I can only be wide-eyed with wonder. Little and big things I’ve wished for over the last decade, possibly, some secretly and some not-so-secretly, seem to be coming true. Just by way of example, for once in my life, I seem to be on the winning side in my lifelong (well, adult life-long definitely) battle against the bulge. Then, I was barely one job old, when I decided that one day, preferably at 25, but definitely before 30 and before I got married, I would like to quit a job and stop working just like that, preferably for two years or for good, but even two months would do fine, thank you. And that’s precisely where I am right now. Around the time, I also realised how much I loved writing and wanted to, one day, write for the sake of writing, and not because it was part of an edit line-up. No prizes for guessing what I’m doing at the moment! And the latest, an ambition I put aside for a publishing career, but that I shall let you into a few days, or a few weeks, down the line.

Coming back to the blog. I owe the idea to a friend I shall call Jaan (yes, it’s a private joke I’m not explaining). It all started with Ninkita’s blog (which, if you’re interested, you can check out at, followed by Heh? Ok’s (at With two of her three best friend’s in blogosphere, how could Jaan be left behind? So she was next (I’m afraid you can’t check out her randomness, because, in as random a fit, the blog was deleted and its gems lost to us mortals). So yes, I was the odd one out, the lone ranger in a blog-crazy clique. And then started Jaan’s nagging, ‘I think you should blog’, ‘It would be so much fun if ALL of us were blogging and sharing’, ‘You write so well, I don’t, but still I have a blog’, blah, blah, blah… It went on till Nin had one of her days and she deleted her blog (hence, The Fool’s ‘New’ Blog; the original was just The Fool’s Blog). I don’t need to say here that we’re a temperamental bunch, because not much later, Jaan had one of her days, and whoosh! her blog was gone too! For a very long time after that, Jaan was quiet. But a year or two down the line, she started prodding me towards it again. I stuck it out, but the fabulousness of Nin and Heh’s blogs had caught on, and the idea stuck.

Then, one day, my mother decided she wanted a blog (it remains post-less till date). /my fingers were itching, and my mind whirring, but I had no time for it.

I moved to a new city, and there were things to write about. There was no time to read, when could I write, my procrastinating mind reasoned. So the bubble blistered, and festered inside. I will do it. Soon. My mind was made. But the procrastination had to be overcome.

Then came the final prod. Some inspiring writing from the midnight rambler ( and the random rambler ( Well, the posts were in my head, right. All I needed to do was put on the darned laptop and get writing!

And I did. It was simple enough, really. Pretty as you please. The name? Well, let’s keep that for another!


4 thoughts on “And, one to call my own

  1. Hahahaha…this one cracked me up so much!! I think it was because you got us all bang on and then because, as I have always nagged, you do write really well!! 🙂 Pretty pink girl!

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